Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Witching Hour!

Anyone with small kids will know what I mean by "The Witching Hour"...that time before dinner, when everyone is tired, hungry, cranky, dirty, and impatient and all you want to do is get dinner cooked so they wont be at least hungry and cranky anymore (today). 

For us it is around 4:30, right when I say "OK I am going to start to cook dinner now, you guys go find something to do for awhile".....they fall apart, right then. I get the hanging on my leg whine....."IIII'MMMM HHHUUUNNNGGGRRYYY...." from the 2 year old.  "Mama! James wont let me play with that!" yell from the 5 yr old. etc....

Now I know, I know that practicing Montessori I should let them help prepare dinner, but you know some night I just cant! (most).  I let them help with breakfast and lunch, but dinner is already stressful.

So last night was one of those "Ah Ha" moments that happens once in awhile.  It started to pour out side, I mean it was raining hard, but it was so warm!  I was cooking on the grill outside and on my way out the door I said..."where are my boys? Come on you two , no shoes, grab your beach balls and come play in the puddles in the rain!  They had so much FUN for the last 20 mins before dinner was ready, Even I jumped in some puddles too!  Sometimes I forget its SUMMER, a time to kick back and have a little fun!

sorry for the poor picture
Thank you  boys for being cranky and reminding me to have fun!-Mama

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