Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rain Symphony

I love a summer rain!
Rainy days for me are peaceful and calm.
Rainy days are days we relax and play inside with toys forgotten, by the warm draw of a summer day to play outside (all the time).
Rainy days mean no rushing around to get somewhere, like a beach or playground.

Today as I sit with my tea, eating yummy chocolate chip, blueberry pancakes, with real Vermont Maple syrup I hear the sounds of a summer rain....

The "ting.....ting......ting" of rain drops filling my cannier I put out on the deck after making strawberry jam.
The rythmic patten of drops softly patting on the ground.
The excited chirping of the Tufted Tit Mice, feasting on the worms poking out of the ground.
The cool damp breeze on my shoulder thru the window.
The crowing of a rooster calling the hens to munch on the bird seed fallen to the ground under the feeders.
The sound of two boys happily playing with toys forgotten.....

Ahhh...I love a summer rain!

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