Monday, July 12, 2010

The Family Garden June/July 2010

James is planting beans in the rain!

My husband Warren would argue with the title of this post...he seems to think that it is HIS garden!  He does do most of the work in the garden, preparing soil, beds, compost, weeding etc..
But the kids get out there and help too!  James especially LOVES the garden! He has helped to plant lots of the garden this year.  Mason helps to, but he needs to be pulled away from the dirt pile they have in the garden to actually help!

Every year Warren creates these stick structures for the vine/climbing plants. every year they are something different!  Its like garden art!

This is both boys hand prints in the wet dirt after they helped to plant the beans! 
Mason's on the right and James on the left.
Poke a hole....drop one in...pat, pat, pat

We are growing asparagus this year, so we should have some next year to eat!

There is a small head of broccoli in there!  This pic was take the end of June, we just ate the big beautiful head last week (July 5ish)

Mixed lettuce...we had way more lettuce than we could eat!  My storage bin in the fridge is filled with bags of lettuce rolled with a slightly moist paper towel, this usually last for a couple of weeks this way.  Warren likes to let the lettuce go to flower when we are done to attract the beneficial bugs. check this book out.....

The peas! Both Sugar Snap and Shelling
  The boys flipped for the shelling peas, what a fun way to eat your veggies.  EVERY night we had a bowl on the table and them would eat them like they were dessert....tring to guess how many peas were in each pod before opening them.  Never even cooked them!  Next year more shelling peas.  We also have been eating allot of stir fry and rice, with snap peas and broccoli!

Next update will hopefully be August...canning season!

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