Thursday, July 22, 2010

Preparing for the Montessori School Year

I decided after I downloaded and printed out all of Karen Tyler's wonderful albums,
which you can find at...Montessori Worldwide
that I would spend the summer preparing, gathering, acquiring, making.... all the materials so I would be ready in the fall for the WHOLE year! I figured this would make the school year easier.  I would not have to worry about anything but actually doing "school"!  An added bonus is I would have all the materials ready for James when he came of age.
 I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful lady named Cindy Hunt from my area who had taught her children + others of the past 20 years with Montessori.  She was "cleaning house" and gave me an incredible deal on lots of wonderful materials mostly for the 6-9 age!
100's board,multiplication board,division board,grammar symbols,tons of language materials, beads materials, 1000 cubes, 1000 chain + more!

This has been quit a task so far!  Here is what I have done...
  1. Printed,hole punched and put into binders all the albums, which includes: Mathematics,Physical Science,Botany,Geology,Practical Life skills, Language,History,Astronomy,Ecology,& Sensorial
  2. Wrote out my letter of Intent for the superintendent of the local schools.  If you are interested in seeing what I put for my letter of intent, email me or leave your email in the comments box.
  3. Next I took lined notebook paper and went thru ALL the albums and made list as I went thru them! Also deciding what I really do or do not NEED to have. list  are for:  Materials to purchase ( magnify lens, microscope, magnets, small animals/minis etc)  , Prep for materials to make (fabric,wood,sandpaper,dowels,pulley, plaster of paris etc...) 3 part cards to makeDefinitions for cards (ex. Plasticity), Materials to print/make (geometric cabinet, world map, continent shapes for globe, etc)
  4. I have spent hours and hours going thru the Montessori Makers Yahoo Group files and saving the files I need in a file on my external hard drive, like, math materials, geometric shapes, culture materials, so much more....
  5. I have also spent hours and hours reading blogs and gathering ideas from all the wonderful Montessori bloggers out there that share their stories and ideas
  6. NEXT....I have to buy INK! and start to print and make the materials!  I will let you know how I do and if I meet my goal of finishing for the Fall!

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  1. That's great that you have an interest in Montessori. Right now were using the Core Knowledge Curriculum that incorporates some montessori methods. I love Montessori Services ( and montessori n' such ( books and materials. Hope it all goes well!

    :)God Bless