Sunday, July 11, 2010

Toddler Activities

My little one is just 2 years old.  He loves to do everything that his big brother does, so when we started Montessori homeschooling last year he wanted his own rug and materials to work with too.  These are some of the activities I have done with him...

Sorting Sea Glass....

My aunt had pears shipped to her and she gave me the packaging...that is what he is sorting into, but you can use anything (egg carton, paint tray, bowls, cups etc..)

This is a One -To-One Correspondence activity:

On the tray is marbles, tweezers,wooded tongs,little metal spoon, and the shapes are made of the things you put into the bathtub to make a non slip surface with suction cup side facing up.
The activity is to place the marbles onto the suction cup either with fingers or tongs,spoon or
 (tweezers,for my bigger son)

Color sorting plastic beads:

Small Pincher Grasp:

James is using plastic tweezers to pick up bottle caps and put them into the cups
(again the shipping packaging from Aunties pears!)
Behind him is another deep bin (great for keeping everything contained) with cotton balls & pompoms to also pick up with the tweezers.

Sound Eggs:
I filled the eggs with different things to make different sound like
beans, popcorn, toothpicks, pasta, rice, marble, and; pebbles.  I used packing tape around them!
There is a matching set for each sound.  Both boys enjoy this!
James can not find matches yet, but LOVES to shake them!

Click on like to my other post about this!

This is a wonderful website for lots of great Toddler ideas!

There is so much more....I will try to continue posting new ideas....

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