Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St.Patrick's Day

      Happy St. Patricks Day!  So he came again! The Leprechaun!  Every year we set a trap to catch him so he has to share his gold.  This hat has a false top with a fake gold rock on top.  Since Leprechaun's do not like to follow the rules we put up a sign that says "Do Not Climb Ladder" and put a small ladder made of twigs leaning up against the hat.  Ofcourse the Leprechaun climbed the ladder to get the gold!  He did fall in, but that tricky little guy, used the ladder to climb OUT!  Mason was so excited when he looked inside and saw GOLD! but alas he tricked us, it was chocolate gold coins!!! Sneaky little Irishman!
For breakfast we had tea & cereal with GREEN milk!  James thought this was so funny!

For "school" time James worked on one to one correspondice with green marbles and tongs, and spooning with a melon baller.
Mason worked on Honey's St. Patrick's Day 3 Part Cards and  great thing happened.....I decided to put on some Irish music and instantly Mason picked out the instruments that were on the cards (Celtic instruments that were ban during Queen Elizabeth I time) He listened carefully to pick out the sounds of the tin whistle, bodhan drum and fiddle, and heard them!  It was great!
We spent a lovely afternoon with friends at the playground, came home ate boiled dinner and then James out of no where spiked a fever of 102.7! Sick again?  Oh No!......
Luck O' the Irish!


  1. Honey's cards look great and I want some "green" milk.l I remember doing "Green Eggs and Ham...Sam I Am." Lol! I hope your some is feelilng better now...there is a "bug" going on around here that comes and goes once your child gets it....but it does eventually go...Thank Goodness...just when you think you can't function without sleep.....Blessings! Karen

  2. Okay...I'm going to show what a big dork I am, but that's so cool to see the cards being used by someone other than my kids!!! I always get so excited when the kids take something & connect it with another something. It shows they and the environment are working as one & that's SO COOL! If anyone else would like the cards they can pick them up from my blog to get them.