Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Color Spools

So it has begun!  The long task of making the materials that go along with teaching Montessori! This is how I look at it....I love crafts!  Since Mason was born I have not had nearly as much time to do MY crafts as I would like, then James came along!  Now I get to have my "craft therapy" and prepare for the boy's school lessons at the same time!

I jumped in and I made the color spools. I first learned about how to make them from this site..
I was so impressed that I picked it to be one the first things I made on a very LONG list of materials i want to make/not buy.
Here is what I did;
1) I read the above blog several times and took notes!
2)Dragged my husband Warren to Homedepot to get the wood and paint chips!
3) purchased 3 four foot strips of poplar and "aquired" sample color paint chip sheets, the ones that have       long rectanguar colors in 7 shades

4)Mason helped me measure the 3 inch marks!

5) using a hand saw and then when my wrist felt like they were going to fall off, switching to the electric handhelp jig saw, I cut them into 3 inch pieces, making 42 altogether.

6) Then I SANDED! SANDED! SANDED!!! I put them a on a small tray and brought them with me around the house for the day and kept sanding!  I used very fine sand paper.

7) Then I cut out the color strips and glued them around the peices of wood.  I folded them around and creased the edges, so they would glue flush around the wood. (some the color chips cracked at the edges alittle).  I used a glue stick which worked much better than white glue! I also pressed them under a heavt book.
They are done!  I might finish them with non-toxic Salac, but I have not decided yet.

Mason used them today and LOVED them!
James did too!


  1. I love your "color" tablets! Great job! You are very crafty...something that you need if you want "all" the Montessori materials! :0)