Sunday, March 28, 2010

Number Rods

I have to start to organising what I am going to make for Montesorri materials. At this point I have just been making what looks fun to make and what materials I have on hand!
My friend Lisa had a huge yard sale a couple of weeks ago and she was selling an old Jenga game. The pieces WERE blue, red and yellow. I thought to myself, " I wonder if there are enough pieces to make the red and blue number rods? Would'nt you know it there were! I had to paint some of the yellow ones red or blue, but Mason helped me do that and it was fun.
My next problem was "how do I attach them end to end so they will be strong enough to withstand 2 children? I found a way, I admit it is not the most "earthfriendly" way, but it works and when we re done with them if I cant find a new home for them I will take them apart and recycle them! I ended up using clear packing tape!!! Long stripes of it across the pieces and pressed it down and around the sides!

Mason worked with them and loved them. We literally went through ALL the excersized that went with them in one day. The excersizes are a bit easy for Mason at this stage, but we are still going through it all so he gets used to the materials and I will have them made for James!


  1. I love the rods. Thanks for the post:) I'm following ya!
    God Bless

  2. What a great idea. If you haven't already, you should add this to What DID We Do All Day's lists:

  3. Hi there! Just found your blog through What DID we do all day?, and became a follower. I love to find new Montessori blogs.
    Many blessings,