Friday, March 19, 2010

Learned in Time!

There is something to be said for following the child !  I am a doer, I think of a great lesson, I put it together and I want to do it now.....Mason (who can be very stubborn) doesnt alway see it that way....he ussually does not want to do the lessons I I wait.....I nug.....I wait...
One of the things I like about using the Montessori Method of teaching is, I teach him how do so a lesson, then it goes on the shelf for him to try/work with.

So I wanted him to learn about the values of money/coins.  I found these great cards at
printed, cut & lamanated them, I show Mason how to work with them and put them on the shelf.....
They sat there for 2 weeks!  He refused to touch them?  I told him once he mastered them we would put out something new!  Nope,

Yesterday was a beautiful day...a tease really 64 degrees in MA, in March!  We took our lessons outside naturally!  I brought out what he picked and the money cards too.  We sat in the warm sun and sure enough he took the tray with the money cards and started to work with them and he loved them!  He spent 1/2 hour with them (with no nugging from me) he even extended the lesson on his own..
"Mama, do you know there is another way to make .26 cents!"

I learned more than he did sitting on that warm is worth it to wait until he is ready to do a lesson rather than make him.  I think he will learn more from it if he wants to do it rather than doing it because I want him too!

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