Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making Butter

I have to share a funny story from when Warren and I were still dating!
I really have not changed much over the past 8 or so years we have been together!

So we are in our first house (tiny tiny tiny cottage) that we had just spent 1 year rebuilding. I was telling Warren that I wanted a butter churn so I could make us homemade butter. Sweet Warren hops online after I went to bed and found one on Ebay! He kept it a secret until it came in the mail, he was so proud of himself! Then he opened the box....apparently he didn't read the descriptions fine print.....
it was about 1 inch big! a perfect little mini of a butter churn! LOL
I felt so bad, it was so thoughtful! We still have it in the kitchen today!

Since then I got a real one from my friend Lisa's grandparents at a yard sale.
I decided a couple of days ago I wanted to make butter with the kids. I bought heavy cream and we started to churn! and churn and churn...1/2 hour later long after the boys got board with this and left me on the floor to churn alone, I had whipped butter!
So I wonder, had I kept going would I have made more solid butter? Is there a key ingredient that I missed somewhere? If anyone knows please share, but for now, I like the whipped butter!


  1. I so want a butter churn. I found one in a catalog (Lehmans..I love). What a darling pic:)

  2. I missed this post! I remember when you got that mini butter churn. It was so cute and so thoughtful of Warren!

    I am glad you now have a working size one. :)