Friday, March 19, 2010

Scent Jars

Even though James is only 1 1/2 he wants to do "school" stuff just like Mason too!  So I decided that since he LOVES to smell my candles when I make them, that he might like the scent jars.  I realize he will not be able to match the scents yet, but Mason can and I will have them made to James when he is older.
These were supper easy!
1. Collected and washed baby food jars
2. Poured thinned out blue kids nontoxic paint inside the jars and shake
4. I put fragrent oils (pineapple, rose & spearmint) one scent per two jars for matching on cotten balls in the jars.  You can use any scents you have, vanilla, almond extract, coffee ect...
5. I used a nail and hammer and punched holes in the lids
6. I put little stickers on the bottoms that match for checking if the scents matched....James peeled off the stickers!... so I am going to have to put little dots of paint instead!  
Thats it pretty easy!

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