Sunday, May 22, 2011

Schooling in May..and a new Rhythm

So it is almost the end of the year and I am STILL tring to find a good rhythm for us in the morning for school! I have decided that once we come down stairs it is too easy to get involved in other activities, such as play or computer..SO..we now stay upstairs. I started to prepare this breakfast tray for them, so they can serve them selves cereal,juice,fruit,muffin etc...

They do this while they get to watch PBS for 1/2 hr upstairs in the den. Meanwhile I get dressed,fed chickens,make tea and set up any work in the schoolroom. They go get dressed, brush hair and teeth before going into the school room. WOW! all of us up, fed, and dressed by 8:00! This has been great and we are now done with school by 11-11:30!
We have also started to have a morning meeting before we start.
I put on soft music and light a candle.
We have had a silent moment, or a guided (child friendly) meditation, energy work (where we think of people we want to send good energy to for the day). We talk about what our goals are for out work period and sometimes talk about our dreams we had durning the night!
The boys are learning the National Anthem as a surprise for "Dada" for Father's Day.
Using the movable alphabet to spell out the ending sound digraphs words he is working with in his workbook. (our own adaption of language and using the Montessori materials)
Researching the countries of North America.
He has been working on this little 9 patch quilt for awhile and finally finished it! He was so proud of him self! He wants to make one for James for his birthday!
I was lucky enough to be able to go and observe at a sweet little Montessori school near me last week! It was wonderful to be able to see how the children work together and use the materials! The teacher gave me this "work journal" for Mason to use. What a great tool! It helps him make goals for the work period, it helps him stay focus and on task, and it really helped him to feel a sense of accomplishment! He felt so proud after the first day. He loved being able to check off that he was productive!
Story of the World
sewing a patch on his new hat!

Now for James...
Sewing on a piece of shelf liner around a picture frame.
Smooth, cold, hard, shiny rocks!
OK..we do not have the pink tower (yet) but these buckets work great!
He is tring to figure out how they nest, it took him awhile of putting them in and taking them out, but he got it.
He also build it tall and knocked it down.
putting and spooning marbles
When Mason needed a break he worked with James.
James made him some marble pancakes!

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