Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kids Laundry Line

I wanted to do this last year, but you know how life happens! I really wanted to have a clothes line that the boys can reach! They are at that lovely tender age where they actually like to help do house work!
Mason has been helping to do his own laundry since he was 4. Loading the washing machine, adding soap, pushing the button... I want taking care of himself and his things to just be apart of what happens in the house (not a chore).
Now they can hang their clothes on the line!
I am also hoping that hanging their clothes on the line will also just be a natural thing for them when they grow up, and it will be normal for them to hang their clothes outside to dry instead of in the drier!
Things I hope to instill in the boys as normal:
turning off water when brushing and washing dishes
hanging clothes
growing food
turning off lights
not watching TV
raising chickens
reading food labels
not drinking soda
not eating junk food

"A mother can dream right?"

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