Sunday, May 1, 2011

April's Fun Activities and Field Trips

The Greek Olympics!

In our Story of the World curriculum, it was my week to do the Olympics, it was also the last week for indoor park day with one of the home school groups, so I combined the two! More fun to have the Olympics with lots of kids of all ages then the 4 that is in the SOTW Co-Op. I am only posting this one pic, since I do not have permission to post pics of the other 19 children that participated. Some of the games we did was:
shot put (bean bags)
javelin (foam pool noodles)
egg on spoon relay
3 legged race
a hool-a-hoop group game
balloon relay

I loved that the teenage boys also really got into it!

I also printed out olive leaf crowns for them to color and bobby pin to their heads, name tags and a copy of the Greek alphabet to let them write their names out in Greek letters, and everyone got prizes!

 Herring Run
With another home school group we went to the herring run in Middleboro.  Such a beautiful place. All the children had so much fun running around, touching the fish and routing for them to get us the stream!

James fell asleep on the way there and spent the first hour wrapped up napping in the blanket to the sound of the babbling brook.....

Vernal Pool Hike
Every year our conservation committee for the town sponsors a vernal pool hike.
We really enjoy going and learning all about what makes a vernal pool, who lives there, and exploring all the creatures they find!

James holding a turtle

All prepared with new rain boots and a net!

Having a snack on these logs...this lead to a conversation about why it was wrong for the local teens to cut down this once live tree to make seats and a campfire on conservation land!

Discovering a large root that leads from the tree all the way to the pool.

After lots of questions about the spring peepers (frogs) we hear in the of the ladies went off to find one, which is tough, they are so small! It was cool to see one! I cant believe this small creature makes such BIG noise!

Mansfield Music and Art Center
Our friend Colleen took us on a tour and played theater games with us!

Colleen standing on the stage.

They played a wonderful game called "that's not a ___ its a ___."
The idea was to have an object like a scarf and say that is not a scarf that is an (enter imaginative idea here), like a bear, necklace,cape etc... then pass it to the next person who says "that is not a bear it is a ?" and so on. It was a great way to get them (especially Mason) to use their imagination!
Thank you Colleen!

This is the second year we have taken the boys to the carnival. They love it! Its so fun to see their eyes wide with excitement!

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