Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Schooling in May 2011

This is our Movable Alphabet, click here for more info on this.
Since Mason was reading before we started Montessori, I have decided to adapt the Language materials to use them in a way that better fits his stage in reading.  We just started to use this (it would normally be used with a child around 4). I wanted to have it made for James anyway, so I have Mason use it for spelling words.
I recite words or he finds objects around the house to spell out.  He really like this!  It is a chance to be on the floor and moving about while doing school work. (which is great for a 6 year old boy!)

cute book

Love James in this pic "see me?"

Adjective and Pronouns:
match the wooden shape to the card match the label, match the definition, and the correct words.

Continuing North America:
State puzzle map

So this is very exciting!!!
A local home school mom gave me a whole box of language materials and a CD that was bought from MECS years ago for around $800.00! I have had it for a year..and could not figure out how to make it I sent an email to the company and they totally hooked me up! The CD is great (not the best graphics since it is from 2005) but it does the job! Mason went thru the North America program, doing 3 period lessons about countries, flags, capitals!
this CD also has...
phonetic reading,spelling,puzzle words,Jurassic Earth,solar system,planet Earth,telling time,anatomy of a horse,math facts add & sub, math module 1 & 2, and all 7 continents! WOW I feel like I have won the lottery!

He graduated from the Save the Bay program! He did a presentation about the spider crab.

James has not done as much "school" he sorted colored sticks into jars

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