Sunday, May 1, 2011

School Days April, part 2

The weather is finally warm enough for us to "school outside". We live on a dead end street and use is a lot to do school work with sidewalk chalk. Both boys loved this ABC Caterpillar. Mason went through is saying the sounds of the letters, backwards, and hopping on one foot. James and I went down it together saying the letters and sounds.

Mason wanted to know "how many minuets does it take to count to 1 million? He said he heard on a movie that it took 23 days (I don't know how accurate this is, but I went with it to not discourage him from wanting to do this math!)

I recited some random words for him to spell.

We reviewed nouns and articles. I wrote out sentences and he drew the appropriate symbol above the word.
Big blue triangle for noun and small black (he used grey) for article.

James' Work...

I got these spring erasers at the grocery store at 50% off! He graphed them.

Sorted them.

Sorted by fly or non-fly (Mason made him the paper)

Learning letter sounds

reading together

unlocking the box with a key

our version of spindles

pouring seeds

Mason's Work

4 addends

I have added this book, since I do not have the language materials together.  I hope to have it together for James! Mason was beyond that material when we started anyway.

North America continent box, I listed the things I want him to research.  We are going to make the continents a unit study over the course of next year. We will take all summer to do North America!

2 more land forms!
notice the water is not colored blue..we had a bit of a blue disaster with the food coloring in the kitchen..

Poetry journal

I love these cards! There is information on the back that I had Mason read to me, and 4 questions he answered.

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