Sunday, May 1, 2011

Baby Chicks!

We have baby chicks! In the living room.... Every couple of years we get some baby chicks to add to the flock.  This is such a wonderful and natural experience for the boys. I love to watch them talk to and interact with the baby chicks.  It's fun to hear them saying things like "Hi, my name is Mason" or "Hi babies" is their sing song talking to babies voice!

They get to giggle at the way they walk over each other, fall asleep in an instant, peck at each other (and their poop, which is really funny when your 6 and 2!) They made the chicks a little box house to play in and on, they have drawn them pictures for their "art museum". Mason made them a picture of a hen and a rooster so they would have a pic of their mama and dada!

Everyday they help clean the cage too.  We put the chicks into a small cage like play pen that the boys can sit in to with them while we change the newspaper. Everyday they help to give them fresh water and food. And everyday they get to play with them, learning to be careful and gentle and quiet with them.

Mason said.."We are so lucky we get to have baby chicks, not everyone gets to have them you know!"

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