Monday, May 3, 2010

Teens Board

I use Karen Tylers albums, and that included a file to print out the Teens Board.  I printed it on card stock and lamanted it.  I also printed out the small numers that go with it, and lamanated those too.
Although Mason is past the teens i figured I would make the materials, have it for a review for him, then i would have them for James some day!

I love this material because it is so hands on and concrete!  Right there infront of him Mason can see what the number symbol and the number of beads look like for each teen number.

 As he moved down putting a #1 over the zero to make 11 and place a golden 10 bar + 1 red bead bar to make 11 beads.  Then a #2 over the next zero to make 12 and placing a golden 10 bar + 2 green bead bar to make 12 beads and so on to #19.

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