Monday, May 3, 2010

The Snake Game

I bought this homemade snake game from a mom that was selling them.  I had a bead box in my craft supplies and asked my husband to modify it for me. 
He melted the plastic in between the squares to make long rectangels so the 6-10 beads would fit nicely!  There is an extra box (upper right) that I told Mason to store the elastic in while he is working with it.  We have to put an elastic around the box since I have a 1 yr old who likes to dump!  It works out nicly to hold the small red mat with it!
I have the albulms from Karen Tyler and I followed the Snake Game lesson to present it to Mason.  It took me a few practices the night before to figure out how to use the black and white beads that came with it!
I did! It was kind of fun.

For those who dont know what the snake game is here is a quick overview....
You use beads on wires 1-10.  you can see in the second pic, red has 1, green has 2, pink has 3  etc...
You make a snake with the beads by laying out different colored beads end to end.
Count the beads and for every 10, replace with a golden 10 bar of beads.
 (your goal is to change the snake from color to gold)
Use the black & white beads to keep your place if you have 10 in the middel of a stran of beads.
The black & white beads set up like a pyrimid at the bottom of the mat, numbered 1-9.
Example: If you change the colored beads to gold and you have 3 beads left in a stran, you put the black #3 bead to hold your place, then count the 3 black and the next colored beads to make the next 10.

It took me awhile to figure it out! 
Mason loves it and has been showing eveyone that comes over how to play!

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  1. I'm taking Karen's course right now and this was so helpful! Thank you!