Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mother's Day

Better posted late than never right?.....
What Mother's Day means to me....I get to sleep in!  That is my big present.  All I ask for from my boys is sleep, a homemade card and a hug! This year turned out a bit different, I got my morning to sleep in, but it was the day before Mother's day...why you ask?  Because I signed us up for a family hike and pancake breakfast at Moose Hill Audubon.  I loved it!  The women leading the walk was a bird specialist and taught us about all kinds of local birds.  Mason thought it was a class and held the women's hand most of the way!  James just took his time and looked at needless to say Warren and Mason were in the front of the group with the "teacher" and James and I were toddling in the back.  I loved hearing Mason asking questions all the way from the back of the pack!  We also had Ashely and Christopher with us for an extra special Mother's day treat!
After the hike we all went inside to have pancakes, orange juice, sliced oranges and locally make maple syrup!  Yummy.  The boys each got a bag with crafts to make for mom too.

We drove up to Warren's parents house to see his mom and aunt Val (visiting from MT)  On the way we stopped at a local flower/garden center to buy my MIL a hanging basket (its tradition), where Mason endlessly kept asking Warren how much is this, how much is this one?  When Warren responded with a $20 when the price says $19.99 he would we taught him how to round up!  He got it pretty quick and spent the next 15 mins reading all the price tags in the place!  We were so proud of him and he was so proud of himself too.

We had a nice time at Skip & Sherry's house.  It was nice to see Val again and the boys played with their cousins outside in the yard all afternoon.  We ate Chinese food for dinner which was so good.
Thank you boys for a perfect day!  I would not have asked for anything more. Love Ya!

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