Monday, May 3, 2010

Small Cylanders

I bought some Montessori materials from another mom that was all done using hers.  One of the items was the small cylanders.  These are supposed to be for 2 1/2 up, but I gave them to James (1 1/2) and he loves them!  I showed him how to pinch the top to pick up the small cylanders and he copied what I did.  It took him a couple of times sitting down and working out that some dont fit right in the holes....he would get them all done and have one left that did not go into any holes and say "nooooo" dump them out and try again.

There are two sets...ones that are different depths and one that is different widths.  After he could do them separetly I mixed them together to challange him and he loved putting them in and taking them out until he got it right!

These sets are vey small compared to the ones in a classroom, but he does not know that and they acomplish the same lessons!

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