Monday, May 3, 2010

Adding & Subtracting with bead materials & symbols

With the albums I got from Karen Tyler I printed out and lamanated the math symbols (+, - ,x, <, >)
Mason wanted to know how he could use we played around with them with the beads and small numbers.  I showed him how to use the parenthisis and he came up with this equation all by himself! We used the beads to show the answers! 

We also used the beads with the greater than ans less than symbols too.  5 beads is ? than 2 beads= > (etc..)
It is great to follow the lessons in the alblums but it is fun to explore and come up with out own too!

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  1. Hi Kerry! Thanks for sharing this picture with us. I had this presentation explained to me yesterday by a friend who knows a lot more than I do. It's so nice to actually see a kiddo doing the activity.
    Hugs from PR