Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Schoolroom!

For the past 4 years that we have lived in the new house, I have dreamed of turning one of the rooms upstairs into a schoolroom.  With some inspiration from other home school families and thier quest to have new school rooms I have decided that this was the time!  In order for that to happen the boys will have to share a room.  I asked Mason if he wanted James in his room over the summer, then I was considering this before school started and he said "I don't want him to wake me up in the middle of the night"  So I didn't do it. 
Well I just cant wait any longer!  I am hoping with him big brother in the room with him, he will not feel the need to call me in with him during the night.  Hopefully the comfort of knowing Mason is in the room with him will help him to sleep better.  So far after 1 night it worked! He woke up at 5am and Mason said to him "James its to early go back to sleep" .James did, but Mason lay awake until 6.

So yesterday began the HUGE job of rearranging the boys know how this goes, its like a domino effect.....the closet needed rearranging to fit James clothes on a shelf, the Den needed cleaning to fit the couch in there that was in Mason's room, the hall way needed clearing to get the couch down it, the floors needed cleaning as I moved furniture, my closet needed cleaning to fit the small burrow in it from James room, toys needed put into a donation box to make room, toys needed sorted and put away.......

Now that their room is just about done, except for a new book shelf to hold ALL their books! Its time to paint the New Schoolroom!  We happen to have a gallon of paint left over from painting the house 4 years ago that are going to use, waist not want not! We are getting a snow storm tomorrow....sounds like a good day for painting!  Warren (hubby) bought shelving at Lowe's last year from the Clarence rack for .69each! He made me a shelf that we have been using in the living room and now he is going to make another one. 

I think that having a room will help US focus on school better.  I find it is much to easy to give him something to do and then go get distracted my laundry or dishes...or the computer....

I will gladly take any suggestions on what I could put in the room.

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