Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to School! January 2011-Mason

It really was not that hard to jump back into it!  I think the boys and I were looking forward to a little consistency!  I have a hang up about wanting to be able to "handle" it all by myself, and wishing I was as strong like the pioneer women to be able to do it all!
It turns out I CAN do allot, but I can not do it ALL!---bummer

This years challenge with homeschooling!---James has dropped his naps! This kind of puts a wrench in my well planned out schedule I made in September. I now have to figure out how to get my one on one work time with Mason without the constant distraction of a 2 yr old!

A wonderful situation has arise that is going to solve this problem! If you do not already know this, my mom and dad live with us.  They have a small In-Law apartment (minus a kitchen) in our house.  It is nice to have my parents here to help with the boys and the house.  Like my dad takes care of the trash and recycling every week, and they babysit when ever I need them to...not to mention the countless hours of PLAYTIME with the boys!
My mom has decided she is retiring from work and not going back to her seasonal job in the spring! She has agreed to do "school" with James every morning for 1 hr!  I will send him over with some educational toys, like puzzles, alphabet Go Fish, books, etc... and I will get to work with Mason!--Yeah Mom!

So here is what we are doing this week...

Thank you card basket includes
lined paper cut smaller than the green paper, a pencil, a sentence strip with "Thank you for the... & I like" written on it for copying, and a list of who gave him what for Christmas. If he makes one a day he will be done before February!

Land, Air, Water..a Terrestrial Globe showing land and water, a tray with land, water & air jars, in the small tray was an assortment of animals and transportation. see pic below...

 I found a book at the library with a wonderful pic of land, water and air (sky), Mason placed the animals and transportation pieces on the picture in the correct places, we talked about how all animals and people need these 3 elements to live on the earth or to travel.

 Science: Light!
 Lots of great books from the library! Mason received a light kit for Christmas..Science Wiz with 25 activities, we are starting with the first one and are going to work thru the kit, it is set up so he can do most of the activities on his own, I am also going to add in the light chapter from the Montessori curriculum too. The 1st one was Split Light, using cool glasses and a prism.
Under the magnify glass are cards with tiny pic on them to look at and larger cards to match found Here.

 I put the semi precious rocks in a different box, I find this will attract their attention back to an activity they don't look at any more.

 I set up this tray with Trash, Recycling, and Compost bins, I added "litter" and tongs for sorting.

 Our new love Bananagrams! It is similar to scrabble without the board, I put it near the reference books.

Nature Table:
I did a nature swap with a bunch of wonderful ladies and this skull  and beaver chewed stick were 2 of the items I received! Cool right! Also I had a snowflake puzzle I added.

W are going to start subtraction with the bead material.

We continue to meet with our Story of the World  Co-Op group to do activities together.

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