Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cummins School House October week 5

Our history lesson was Stopwatch Popcorn! We used a stopwatch to time how long it took the popcorn to pop! This showed a way of "Keeping track of time". We happened to have "real" popcorn on the cob from a pumpkin hayride last year that they spent 1/2 hour scraping and picking the kernels off the cob. We put them in a pot with popcorn oil on medium heat and sat and listened for the popping!
Golden bead Addition, Intro
 OK so this part really tested my ability to keep my mouth shut and let him work at his own pace!  It took him 45 mins to lay this all out! He would spend some time just laying there, or would get distracted by something.  What I wanted to say was "Keep working, or "try to stay focused" I was getting impatient! I didn't want this to be an all day event. He eventually finished the lay out and we moved on to actually adding up some numbers! 

Mason layed out the bead materials we have , one thousand cubes, hundreds cubes, 10's bars and unit beads.
(we do not have all of it, but enough to make do).

He layed out the large number set and 2 small number sets.

Practical Life; Carrying a Tray
Both  James and Mason worked on carrying a tray. We put different objects to make it more difficult. They enjoyed the challenge! I enjoyed watching them control their bodies! 

Physical Science:
I happen to have these exercise elastics that have different stretch tension. We guested which one would stretch farther, and pulled them, marked the paper and observed which one stretched further.

Robin's nest that fell out of our tree

Practical Life;

Mason was tracing shapes.

I made these to be like the insets.  I used foam and cut out a circle, square and triangle for James to trace the inside of.

I have a big bin that I have always used for sensory play, I put popcorn kennels, cups and pouring items for a Fall/Thanksgiving theme.

As you can see they both enjoy the popcorn.
James is playing with homemade apple scented play dough.

Making apple pie!

Smells good!

Mapping a shelf

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