Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Cummins School House October 2010

I am going to try to keep track of what we are doing for school by the month if I can, This is what we did in October:
Mason Writes words in his word book, that starts with the letter "Mm"

This is the "Squirrel Game" I made for James! He LOVES this game. I found thesee jars at the Christmas Tree Shop, they are numbered 1-10. In the number 1 jar I put one squirrel.  To play the game the little squirrel stands on the cork cover and asks for 1 acorn. I pick one from the bowl of acorns and give it to the squirrel and he hides it in the "tree"/jar, we continue asking for 1 acorn until they are all gone.

Autumn Small, Medium and Large matching cards.
I got these from montessoriprintshop 

Autumn Matching cards
also from montessoriprintshop (I think)

James is practicing walking around the rugs, I gave him a pull toy use while he did this.

Mason is working on invertebrate 3 part cards. He also takes a class called Save the Bay where  he is learning about invertebrates all year.
I got these from  montessoriforeveryone

James is working on snapping and zipping, with the dressing frames I made. This was easy, I bought  wooden picture frames cheap at the dollar store, took out the glass, stapled material to fit around it and then added snaps or zipper.

Nature tray

Home school group field trip to Ward's Berry farm for a pumpkin patch hayride.

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