Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 2011- Addition Strip Board & Grammar Symbols

Math is a tricky subject for us.  Mason is very ahead of the game when it comes to math, so we tend not to do "math" during school.  He enjoys doing math related activities all the time, so I do not feel like we need to focus on it (right now). That being said, I still LOVE Montessori math!  So once in awhile I will make a material that I know I will eventually need for James anyway and have Mason do it,
"for fun". 
 You can find all these charts and lessons at, plus lots more albums!

In the green bowl are strips of math equations. Mason never even used the strip board, but had I had this during the time he was starting to add it would have been a wonderful tool.  I am excited to have it complete and ready for James someday!

Although he did not need it, Mason LOVED using this working chart.  He had a great time...who knew math could be so much fun!

We used these answer tiles to play a math addition game

Having him use the control chart to check his own work is awesome! He does not feel like he needs to get the answers right for "me" he wants to do well for himself!  There is no pressure on him.  This will teach him at an early age to work towards his own goals...not mine! And...within a prepared environment I can be sure he is still learning what I need him to do, but with no pressure.

A very silly 6 yr old...working with the noun and article grammar symbols and cards.  Each wooden symbol is related to a part of grammar.  Mason had to match the symbol (concrete learning) to the definition and words (abstract learning).  He then took a basket of noun symbols (black triangle) and went around the room and placed them on things (book, chair etc..) that are nouns.  I then asked him what article (the,an,a) he would use in front of them.  I made sure he picked on noun that started with a vowel so he could us the "an" article.


  1. Aikman is starting addition and living it too! I've got to make these addition materials this week. I'm so excited.. math is so fun!

  2. Yeah Aikman! Math can be so much fun...if you make it that way! Bowling is a great way to practice adding and subtracting...if you can find an old school ally that lets you keep score!