Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mortal And Pestal

It has been a long winter for everyone, including our chickens! At some point during the winter my hens decided that they did not want to share their eggs with us anymore and they were eating them them selves!  Of course just when I am in the middle of baking something and realize I have to go to the coop to get an egg, get all geared up to brave the icy path to the coop, get there just to find a nest of broken and very slimy eggs!...bummer.....
One way to help with this is to feed them ground egg shells (or oyster shells). Great a Montessori lesson in the making...thanks chickens.  So I got out the mortal and pestle and washed some egg shells.  I showed the boys how to grind them and they love it!  I think they sat and ground over a dozen egg shells! This is a wonderful wrist turning exercises, as well as a lesson on how to care for your chickens!

As a result, they chickens have stopped breaking their eggs, it also helped that we separated the accual hen that was the instigator! It also helps that the ice and snow has melted and they are out and about eating bugs again for their protein! (We like to think that all the work of grinding egg shells helped too!)

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