Thursday, March 24, 2011

Science Fair- Magnitism

 Mason was in a home school science fair.  He wanted to do Magnetism!  We had a lot of fun putting it together.  Of course we used a Montessori style to the presentation.  He put out trays with different hands on activities for the visitors to touch and play with.  He focused on mmagnetic force, earth a magnet, and magnetic VS non magnetic materials.  He currently is going thru a non writing stage, so to help get thru the research and writing part, I would have him read a paragraph in a book about magnets, pick out 4 KEY words he wanted people to learn about, then I had him put those words into his own sentences.  This was a way of teaching him how to explain a concept without paraphrasing someone eles work.  Since he could not possible sit down and write all this out on his own, I had him dictate his sentences to me as I typed them out on the computer in "trace" font. ( the dotted font for tracing).  I printed out the pages and had him trace over the sentences.

        Love how he wrote it all out!

Magnetic force, making a paper clip chain

     magnetic VS non-magnetic materials

  Mason showing his home school friends how it all works.

 Its hard to see in this pic, but there is a toy car on the green tray with a magnet on it, you use the magnet wand to push the car forward by using the magnetic force.
          Intensely playing the mind trick games at another table!

   James and a friend playing peek-a-boo!

Mason and dad studying, Pierce's project on how to make a hovercraft!

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