Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Green" easter baskets!

This is my new favorite Easter tradition!!! Last year Mason's teacher at the Audubon Society made these with the class and it was wonderful!  We are going to do this every year!
Instead of fake plastic grass (that is so very bad for Mother Earth) grow REAL grass in your Easter basket!
It takes a bit of planning on the timing, but it is so worth it!
We have made this a first day of spring tradition too!
I took the boys Easter basket out (which was a project in its self, note to self keep baskets closer to attic entrance for next year!)
I lined them with a trash bag, and tied it tight around.
We took them out on the spring Equinox and they filled the basket with dirt.
Next at the picnic table they sprinkled LOTS of grass seed on top of the dirt.
We use a spray bottle to water the seed EVERYDAY! Do not let it dry out, and place them in a sunny spot.  We used the floor in front of the glass sliding door.
Then GROW!

After 5 days the grass is growing! It is amazing to literally watch grass grow! Once it starts it grows pretty quick and the boys love to check their baskets everyday to see how fast it is growing.
Once the grass is long it started to hang over the edge of the basket and makes a beautiful "nest" for the Easter bunny to leave his surprises!


  1. OMG.. I love this idea.. SUperb... I have to do it with my own kids.. Will also make one basket for the kids at preschool.. Thank you so much.

  2. I love the basket with all the colourful eggs in!

  3. what a fantastic idea! I usually use paper shred from the recycling bin but this is really neat.