Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where did the time go?

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogger friends!

I have missed you and have a TON of blogs I WANT to post, but just can not seem to find any time!  I have had many conversations this holiday with family and Friends about "Where did the time do"?  It seemed to me that August-now FLEW by in the blink of an eye! I barley remember the past 4 months! I try to do those life focusing things like "live in the moment", 'stop and reflect", "Stop and listen" etc....but time still flickers by! I don't want my life and my children's childhood to be a blur....anyone out there have any secrets to slowing down time? 

My friend Jannelle has one of those "fancy phones" and one of her apps is a "mind full app", so every hour a very beautiful soft gong sound comes from her phone to remind her to be mindful of what she is doing right then.....instead of thinking about impending housework, schedules, classes, appointments, dinner, us moms tend to get bogged down with.  Unfortunately I do not have a "fancy phone" so I don't have any mindful app to keep me grounded (tho I wish I did) 

So now it is the holiday season (already!) and I find myself constantly thinking about what I need to get/make for who, what parties are coming up, what we are doing on Christmas as far as who to see when.  These things NEED to be planned and done,  but it adds more to consume my brain!  

Here is my question to you my blogger friends...

"What do you do to cope with all the "stuff" that keeps us bogged down and busy, not just during the holiday season but, for everyday life too.  How to YOU slow down time?"

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