Monday, November 1, 2010

School for November, 2010

I am tring to keep a journal of what we do for school each month or week if I can, so I will have a written/picture reference for writing out my end of the year review, and for when James is older. So here is a run thru for November;

Halloween Candy Sort!
If you cant beat em, join em! Yes he counted out and sorted ALL his candy!

When I rolled up the rug to move it out of the way, They decided it would make a great balance beam, They also learned that if one stands on the other end, it knocks of the person balancing!

Fun with friends and play dough

A and J working with the bead stair...accually J was just watching!

Save By The Bay class...Salt Water Marsh lesson

In the mud with his teacher

The boys were playing a pumpkin matching game Mason cut out of his High Five magazine

Magnetic Mosaic, color/number matching and fine motor skills

H and J having fun play time

These next pitcures are of our school shelves:

Physical Science:
Invertabrate cards

Ridgitity Tray

A and M sort items that are magnetic or non-magnetic

Head phones and electric toothbrush use a magnet to run the motors.

Metal paper clips are magnetic and fun to play with too!

strapping a magnet to a toy car, they used the negative force of the magnet to push the cars along.

The little ones sort magnets with Janelle after the big kids are done with them.

Making a compass!
Mason rubs a needle on a magnet

On the tray;
 compass,magnet,direction cards, cork, needle, tape, and bowl of water

After taping the magnetized needle to the cork, mason watches as if floats around to find north!

Next we did Reflect and Refract Light
Making a rainbow refracts light thru a prism.

Refracted light

Reflected Light



Cursive Practice


Mason was making a treasure map for me to find the treasure in the box he hide in the yard. 

Practical Life Skills:
I moved their play sink (that I got from a friend's mom that worked at a Montessori school!) down stairs, I put small sponges, pump soap, towel and aprons for them to wash their own dishes.

I put their dishes, cups, utensils, wash cloths and dust pan inside.
We use NO plastic.

Mason mopping with his kid size mop--he actually loves to mop the floor!

Toddler Color Sort Game
I found this game at a church fair for $1.00

Roll the dice to find color and number of wooden beads to place on your card.

Russian Doll we got in the continent swap!

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