Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letter from the princlipal!

Dear Mr & Mrs Cummins,                                                                       Nov, 2010

      This letter is to inform you that due to too many holiday decoration, celebrations to prepare for, fun Christmas projects to do, baking, wrapping, and the need for the Christmas tree to go where the school table and shelves are....school vacation will be held from Thanksgiving thru January 3rd!

       Instead of our usual curriculum we will be following 2010-activity-advent-calendar instead. With some adaptions for age. We will still continue to learn everyday with baking (math), books, discussions and such writing activities as writing a letter to Santa and Thank You cards.  We will also be taking lots of field trips to see such fun things as, The Enchanted Village, a seal watch boat trip with the Spineless Wonders class,  Santa at Norton Common, Christmas Lights, etc...

 Mason will continue with his piano lessons and recital and Story of the World Co-Op.

 Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

        Sincerely Yours,
       Kerryanne Cummins
     (Principal of the Cummins School)

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