Saturday, April 16, 2011

Geography Landforms

We finally made it to landforms!
I feel like I have been waiting all year to make these with Mason!

We used green modeling clay...I waited for the 40% coupon for Micheal's craft store to buy one a month.
I let Mason make them, good thing too, cause his hands were stained green for days!

I bought 8x5 in foil roll pans in packs of 3.  This gave us an extra one for James to use! He loved working with the clay and made an island too! Mason filled the pitcher with water and added the food coloring


James island

Mason's island

Added animals

Mason colored in the 3 part cards. 

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  1. It looks like he's having fun! I made ours back in 2009 and they STILL get pulled out all the time. Oddly the boys STILL don't remember what some of them are called. They tend to remember the odd ones and forget the nondescript ones (bay, cape, gulf, bay). Your DIY process sure went more smoothly than mine!