Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is some of what we did this week...the captions titled "Following the child" are things that were not planned or a prepared lesson ,that the kids wanted to do and we just went with it..and it turned in to a fun learning experience...
..I am learning to do this more and more...

Cutting cucumbers for dinner

Following the child...rug ice skating with tissue boxes and cardboard!

Compairing weights with our new balance scale!

Toddler magnets

Open and close basket...zipper,screw,pop,pull,push.
I LOVE this pic of them both working!

Following the child...Mason discovered inhersha with a heavy ball and bowl.  an object in motion stays in motion, until stopped.

Following the child...while playing with yarn, james decided he wanted to glue I made a heart and then he made one.

Still following that child....then he says "I want to make a lion!" so we made a lion.
notice the tounge!! such concentration!

Science fair project: Magnets!

Winter stamps

Following the child...Mason wanted to make a heart and decorate the classroom.

large wooden blue beads on pipe cleaner, they were on the "blue tray" and James brought them over to the bead tray to put them on pipe cleaners

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