Sunday, February 6, 2011

Story of the World-Projects

This year with our Co-Op group we are doing Story of the World.  The kids do the reading/listening, coloring pages and map work at home.  On Fridays we meet to do the projects together. I want to post what we have done so far, I am sure I do not have pictures of each week, but I will try to remember what we did.

Mason made a History of my family book.  We copied the pages that came with the curriculum and asked grandparents and great grandparent to fill them out.
Mason also made a timeline of his 5 years of life.

Chapter 1: The Earliest People
 Cave Painting

 Making a game bag

Chapter 2: Egyptians lived on the Nile River

 Making Shepard's crook of the Pharaohs-wrapping paper tubes, paper, paint, glitter
 sorry the pic is sideways! all the shepherds crooks drying

Model of the Nile- river in the middle with foil & rocks, dirt & seeds on the "bank".  Flood the river to over flow into the "bank".  We used winter rye seeds

Chapter 3; The First Writing:
They stamped their names using Cuneiform stamps onto silver paper and made paper!

 Making homemade paper with Veronica

Chapter 4: The Old Kingdom of Egypt:
(no picture) They made pyramids out of sugar cubes with Brenda

Chapter 5: The First Sumerian Dictator:

Making a Sumerian Seal, the kids each had a piece of dough, they drew a picture in the dough that represented "them", then the seals were baked on a low temp in the oven to make them hard. A string was put thru for them to wear them.

Chapter 6: The Jewish People:
They made the comic book that came with the curriculum and these hunting weapons (that I forget the name of and will have to ask Carla-sorry)

Chapter 7: Hammurabi and the Babylonians:

 Making a Law Code Stele out of plaster of paris
 "No Parking"

"No opening the front door unless an adult says so"
Making a Ziggurat Temple, Glued boxes, then they painted them "mud color" and then COVERED them with sand!  They came out great, I wish I had a picture of one all done!

Chapter 8: The Assyrians:
(no pics) Veronica had the kids rest on the floor with their eyes closed as she told them the story of Gilgamesh.  She then had them go tot he table and draw what they were picturing in their heads.

Chapter 9: The First Cities of India
(need to gather info)

Chapter 10: The Far East Ancient China
Played a cycle of the silk worm game and listened to the story of how silk was snuck out of China.
Chapter 11: Ancient Africa:
They made paper necklaces, we looked at pictures of Africa, burned incents and fried plantain...which was so yummy!  We also had a Christmas party at Veronica's house! They made chocolate reindeer, and listed to a great story with Veronica!

Chapter 12: The Middle Kingdom of Egypt:
(need to gather info)

Chapter 13: The New Kingdom of Egypt
(No Pics) They made Hatsheput's false beard

Chapter 14: The Israelites Leave Egypt
(No Pics) They made the Ten Plagues sticker book and cooked flat bread with Carla

Chapter 15: The Phoenicians
I made purple dye with purple cabbage. I went to Micheals and bought canvas hand puppets for something to dye.  We taked about how the Phoneicians used 60,000 glands from a shell fish to make 1 gallon of dye! (showed them a gallon) They decorated thier puppets and then dyed them! They came out great!

Using the recipe that came with the curriculum, we make pita bread.

I set out things that the Phonicians traded on thier ships like, silver, blown glass, wood, olive oil, salt, and copper.  We looked at a book that showed pictures of the ships, trade routes and how life was then.

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