Friday, February 4, 2011

School work in February

 While setting up the new school room Mason found the multiplication board...I knew he had figured out some of the lower multiplication on his own (like 2x3). He asked if you could look at it, and before I knew it he was really into it! He spent most of one day and a bit of another figuring it out.  He mostly found patterns in the numbers to fill in the squares, but he also used the abacus to work some out.....
 He filled in the whole thing!!

I asked him to pick an animal he would like to learn about, he picked Polar Bears.  We borrowed books from the library, and used animal research cards from Montessori for Everyone (free download section).  As he reads the books and finds information he puts the card with the correct answer under the question.  For example: Q. What does the animal eat?  Plants? Animals? or Both plants and animals? He would put the card that says "animals" under that card.  This is working great, cause he does not have to write anything!  He is having an anti writing period, so this is a great way for him to still learn and find answers with out having to write it all down (for now).
 James is working on his open and close basket
In the basket: eye glass case that zippers, eye glass case that opens, jar with twist top, jar with pop top, jewelry box that opens with a hinge, a bird flashlight that opens when you push a button, glass jar with small screw top.
 Making patterns
 using plastic ice to count and sort
 Blue tray
 Boys in blue (didn't even plan it! and yes they are doing school in their PJ's-it was a blizzard outside and since they don't get snow days...they get PJ days instead!)
 transferring cotton balls
Helping me sort paper!

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  1. Love the pictures and activities - and so glad you can use the Animal Research cards from our freebies section!