Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boston University Research Activities

(See below for contact information & discription of study)

For the past 2 1/2 years Mason and now James have participated in research studies thru Children's Hospital-Boston and Boston University Medical School.  They are the "Control" group in studies to find out how typiclly developing children learn and when they learn such things as, Language skills, Ability to process and respond to social and emotional  information, Cognitive Development, etc...

The researchers conducting these studies use the results to compare to children with developmental disorders such as Austim and Williams Syndrome. 

We started participating shortly after a good freind of ours daughter was diagnosed with Autism.  We felt so helpless and such a strong need to "do something".  Although I know our help in these studies do not help our friends directly, I hope that our participation will help in the overall big picture to "Find a Cure" for these devestating disorders.

In doing so we have found a great lesson is being learned by Mason (5years old). 

He is learning to help others that are "sick". 

He is learning about a world bigger that himself, outside of our home/family.

He is learning that is feels good to miss a beautiful 85 degree day in April in MA to do something good for others!

He is also learning what it is like to go to "Work", He loves the idea that he has to pack a lunch, drive to Boston, spend a few hours "working" and he gets payed for doing good work! (like Dada)

He is learning that when the check comes in the mail it is his money and we decide together how he will spend/save it. He usually wants to use it to pay for his Oak Knoll Class, and he used one to buy a Pillow Pet? Thats what he wanted and he earned it!

Every single study we have done has been a very plesent experience.  The researchers and assistants are freindly and happy to work with the kids! 

The researchers NEED children to come in and help in these studies, there are many different ones, for both typical developing kids and those with developmental disorders, siblings too!  If you are interested in these please read below and contact them.  The information below is just one study, feel free to ask about others they are working on too.

Research Activities for your kids at Boston University-------------------------

Are you looking for research activities for your child?

Researchers at Boston University would be happy to enroll your child in a one-time research study for 1 to 3 hours.

Study involves a standardized assessment of cognition and simple computer activities.

Participant must be:
-between 5 and 9 years old
Participants will be compensated $15 for each hour of the research completed and travel expenses will be covered.
Free Parking is provided. Visits are scheduled at your convenience during the week or the weekend. Study takes place at Boston University.
For more information, please call us at 617-414-1309 or email

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