Monday, July 13, 2009

Precious Time

Wasnt I just 7 years old, running around with no shoes on, playing all day, going to the "General Store" for penny candy and all I had to worry about was what time I had to be back at the summer cottage for dinner!? Those times are long gone and my own son is turning 5 soon! I want for him and my other 1 year old son to have the same care-free childhood that I had, I want thier summers to feel endless as mine did.....I want thier childhood years to last for ever!!!
But sadly I know that they will grow up to soon and I will no longer long for my own childhood years,but for the time I had with thiers!
I have triied to make a commitment to myself to kick back a little and relax more so I can stop and really listen to my son when he talks to me (no matter how repetative or silly) and not brush him off with a "just a minuet ,Hold on a minuet, I'm busy", ect.....
To remember the baby's innocent eyes and simple smiles, his wobbly legs standing on his own for the first time!
My commitment means:
more reading for mom, less worring about dishes!
more playing cars! ENDLESSLY!
more tickles
more laying in the grass
more chalk drawings
more bike rides
more cooking together
more talking together
When they are grown and dont need my attention anymore I will then....
I will worry about housework!

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