Monday, July 20, 2009

Homestead Wish List

When we first saw the land that we own we knew we would love living here! We knew that we wanted it to be a back to nature kind of has taken alot of work! First of all this yard was a DUMP!!! litteraly we have found tons of trash, shingles, asedaline tanks etc buried in the ground!!! And lawn mowers, batteries, old dish washer and lots of @#$%? in the woods.
We have cleaned it up and have not used ANY chemicals on the property in atleast 4 years.
What we have done so far to become a earth friendly homestead..
  • huge garden
  • compost all food scraps (not meat of grease)
  • no chemicals inside or out!
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!!! (this works great cause we are both pack rats!)
  • planted trees!!!
  • make better purchasing choices for the house
  • have chickens!
  • attract birds, and humming birds with homes, feeders and water
  • Teach Mason and James eco friendly living as a way of life!
What we would love to do..........
1. To become completly self serficiant. ( probably not going to happen.....)
2. To grow all of our own food . ( working on this and we do grow ALOT of food)
3. To buy a freezer!
4. To stock the freezer with a cow and a pig!
5. To rid the house of all plastic for eating purposes ( this is almost done! James has 2 plastic sippy straw cups he got for his birthday that are PABA free!)
6. To someday get solar panels!
7.To someday get a generator
8. To someday dig a root cellar
9.To become a better canner!!! (Heather is helping me with this one!)
10. To make our own bread (again help Heather!)
11. Warren would like to raise some of our chickens for food?
12 Would love to have a woodburing furnace!
13. I want a composting toilet!
14. To have gutters on the house to collect rain water!
15. Warren would love to make Bio-deasel
16. To plant only native plants and become certified as a wildlife habitate
17. To have the vernal pood certified!


  1. I do believe we are doppelgangers of one another! We're (well, Ben) is setting up a biodiesel maker! We want solar, a generator, we use biodiesel in our fuel oil funace, have wood pellet stove, bought a wood burning stove, I make our bread daily, rain water harvesting system is also wanted, turned the basement into a root cellar of sorts, we're plastic free, have no chemicals in/out/on us/property. We've lived here fro 6+ yrs now so it's organic friendly. We compost, square foot garden, grow a lot of our own food but no wheat (we're vegan.) We are wanting to get some Americanas Heritage chickens to take care of ticks, fleas, scratching up the garden during winter & we figure we'll feed the cats & Veggie Dog their eggs. And, if they have any chicks well...the old broads/roosters will become dinner for the cats & dog too. We're weird vegans we believe in feeding our animals meat! ;) Especially the cats. Dogs can be vegetarians, but cats can NOT. We've a push mower that runs off of Tyler power. But we did buy a riding mower & I LOVE using it. Push mowers don't give that cut grass smell & well...I love driving that loud thing! We're working on finding a diesel engine to run bio through it.


  2. Honey, thats great! Warren would be so jelouse of Tylers biodeiseal maker! You know even if you dont eat the eggs , you could sell them at a farmers market too! I have a push mower too! It is tough to push when the it gets to long!
    Would you share your bread recipe? I make our bread but it needs improvement!
    I love hearing from others who are on the same path!

  3. How can you avoid having NO PLASTIC in the house? Maybe I've been out of the country too long? What am I missing? I've got a long way to go on this no plastic thing, but I'm working on it. I hate plastic, but some things I just have no choice.

  4. Vicky, we have plenty of plastic in the house..sadly, but we no longer use plastic for eating...dishes,cups, utensils, storage, ect... It was not easy but we are used to it now!