Thursday, July 30, 2009

Birthday # 33

Today is my started out like any regular day.
-laundry to be done
-kids to be fed,changed,napped dresses etc...
-errand to run, , feed store,
Adorable side story--We get the the feed store to buy rabbit and chicken food and Mason says to me.
"Mama I know what I want to get you for your birthday present!"
(I had a pretty good idea what he was talking about, we collect the Audubon Society Birds)
"but I want to get it for you by myself, so you don't see"
so I give him some money and off he goes to the bird tree...and I went to the register to explain what he was doing and could they help him with the money part, they of course thought this was just so sweet and were wonderful!
He pick out a bird, brought it to the register behind his back, sent me to look at the rabbits! and they took him behind the register counter (so I could not see) and put it in a bag all tied up (so I could not peek!) and he payed all by himself!
He was so PROUD!!! (so was I).......

Bank, food shopping and a stop at Jesserie's house to pick up photos were still on the list.

*Then I decided I need a little birthday celebration before the day was over, so me and the boys stopped at a tiny ice cream stand in Norton and indulged in home made ice cream by Bliss Bros. farm while swinging on a wooden bench swing!! So nice.

And before I knew it it was all about my birthday.....
Warren and the boys treated me to dinner at my fave restaurant, the Chatue.
(and they little boys were so great, for a restaurant that was not Friendly's!!)
Mason kept "Not wanting to tell me about a secret"

When we got home Mason wanted me to open my present....he was so excited!!!
He said"I pick out the Blue Jay because it is a bird that we get in out yard that we dont have yet!" (we are tring to collect all the birds we have in our yard, we have about 15 of them alreadly!)

Then the big surprise happened!!!
Michelle,Gillian, Emily and Sabrina showed up with cupcakes!!!! (This was Mason's secret!)
I was so happy I haven't seen them in ages and it really made me feel special that Shell would work all day and drive all the way from JP with cupcakes in hand just for my birthday! Thanks you guys so much for that wonderful party!!! Truly heartwarming.

and to get lots of happy birthday wishes from friends on Facebook too!!
I am feeling the LOVE Vibe!!! (Much needed too)

My birthday used to be my favorite holiday...this year it defiantly is!!!!

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