Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrations of Birthday, Solstice and Friendship

December 21 is a day of celebration around our house for a few reason, this year more than any other tho....

Not only is it the First Day of the Winter season, it is also my mom's birthday! In our house birthdays are celebrated as though they are a big holiday! The day is spent in preparation with lots of help from the kids...we bake a cake and decorate it, hang balloons, and streamers, make a birthday banner, make cards and wrap gifts (some are little toys the boys want to give from their rooms), and even clean up the house. I try to make my mom's birthday as beautiful as possible...we are surrounded by boys birthdays....and its so close to Christmas I want her to feel special!

Then there is the Solstice.....but this year was extra special....
We have been gifted this year with the loving friendship of two amazing families! In this new friendship the boys and I have found fun, laughter, conversation, giggles (teeheehee), talents, lessons, and so much more....
They have opened their hearts and their home to let us join with them some holiday fun.

We were invite by the Codiani and the Haven families to make "homemade" gingerbread house.  The children were in joyful happiness as they ate candy, licked fingers, smooshed frosting and candy, and ate cookies. Memories I am sure none of us will soon forget.
I quote Athena age 5 on Christmas day "This is the most fun I have ever had in my life!"

The children also exchanged Christmas gifts for each other as well.....I was gifted with more than the empowering friendship of two amazing women, they surprised me with a beautiful handmade shoulder bag and inside was the most amazing "tea wallet" yes I said tea wallet! for my TEA!!!(that I carry with me) and yummy chap stick too! Check out Katelyn's friend who makes these amazing creations at pixypatch.

We were invited back to their home later that night to walk with them to their Unity church for a Solstice Celebration! The chairs we set up onto a large circle with a small table in the center.  On the table was a ring of tea lights. I was interested to see what Mason would take away from this experience... 
The Minister "Tess" started with asking us to say our names as she lit a candle for each person, in doing this it made the space a sacred place. We sang about darkness...this was Mason's favorite part of the whole night he said, and he read along with the words and was singing too! It really was a lovely song.  James relaxed on my lap listening to the music. We learned of how in earlier times children would go outside and bang pots and pans and YELL at eh sun to wake up, believing it went to sleep in the north and maybe forgot to come back(being the longest night). Later Tess took the children outside to YELL at the sun!
We spoke of things we would like this night to take away from us, such as poor health, impatience, unforgiven, we did this Tess blew out the lights and as we sat in the dark listening to music (and children quietly talking :) we thought about these things that we needed to let go of.
In return to welcome back the light we spoke of the things in which we would love the light to bring to us for the year to come, such as peace, happiness, health, patience,etc... and re lit the candles. Finally we all sang "This Little Light Of Mine" then enjoyed snacks. 
It was a nice peaceful ceremony and I feel that if was a great experience for the boys to have to sit and listen and participate in a community gathering of friends.

We all walked back to the house and had another treat of homemade Moon cookies or black and whites.

I am left with many feeling from this years Winter Solstice...Peace, Love & Happiness are just a few!
Thank you Codiani and Haven families!