Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Self Discoveries

I discovered something about myself today....I am not who I think I am!  OK bare with me while I explain....

think I am a free spirit.
think I am easy going.
think I am a relax person that lets everything roll off my shoulders.
think I am fun and happy all the time.
think I love clutter.
I think I am still 20!
I think I don't know who I really am!

Yesterday I spent the WHOLE day rearranging my son's closet and both the boys rooms.  I finally got fed up with toys tossed everywhere, (dumped really by the 2 yr old). I got tired of all the books falling off the shelves, The clothes hanging off the closet shelf, half folded half pulled out, it drove me crazy that every night the living room was a mess! I realized that as much as I love the Montessori method of letting them have access to their things to make choices, that too much of something might not be all that good for them (or me),

So I got a storage box that would fit under the crib and packed away most of James toys, except a few he had not seen in awhile. Eliminating the chance to TRASH his room with ALL his toys.  Now when he gets tired of them , I will just rotate his toys with others.

I also changed Mason's closet that they share to store their toys and his clothes so that James can not reach most of them, and they will have to ask for help to get out what they want, in turn having to clean up what they are done with before I will give them some thing else.  I was tring to make everything easy for them to be independent, but its just not working for me...I tried to be relaxed,easy going about it all, but ITS NOT ME!

I also took ALL the toys out of the living room and put them upstairs, leaving only the "school" stuff on the downstairs shelves.  Also reinforcing the concept of cleaning up something before taking something else out!

What did I discover from this day of mad cleaning and organizing...(no I am not nesting!)
 I am not a free spirit.
 I am not easy going.
 I am not a relax person that lets everything roll off my shoulders.
 I am not fun and happy all the time.
 I do not love clutter.
 I am not still 20!
I think I am learning know who I really am!

I love the way the rooms look, nice and clean and everything put away...makes me feel happy
I love the way the closet is organized and neat!...makes me feel in control
I love the way they are content with a few toys...makes me peaceful.
I love the way I feel today....satisfied!

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  1. I hear you...I've been going through this same 'acceptance and understanding' of who I am. It's kinda cool realizing who you are and accepting/loving yourself quirks and wonkyness all.

    Yeah you! ...and I think it's so much better with toy rotations. It's wonderfully freeing and really gets rid of the mess!