Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Schedual 2010-2011

I finally got around to putting together a schedule for our school days.  Since this is our first year doing Montessori, I thought I would get the boys used to some sort of morning schedule BEFORE the first day of "official" school. We are practicing the schedule this week and starting school Monday.  Mason wanted to wait until the first day of Fall so he "can enjoy the whole summer!" We are stating a few days before, since he has a dentist apt on the first day of Fall.  I also wanted him to have started so we can incorporate "National Peace Day" into our school day on Tuesday, September 21!
I wanted to copy and paste what I made but it is not working? So I will type it out for you....Keep in mind on the one that I made for the boys there are pictures of them for each activity (for James to follow) and pic of analog clock with the times for each activities (for Mason to follow)

6:30 Wake up, tea & T.V. (they wake up so early!!! I need a little time to let my eyes focus so I let them                  
       watch PBS while I have tea and check emails!)
7:30 Breakfast
8:00 get dressed, brush teeth, & hair
         Feed: dog, cats, rabbit, chickens, and fish
         *Tuesdays: Help Papa put out the trash* (which they LOVE to do?)
9:00 Mason piano
         James play
9:30 Mason independent school work
         James work with Mams ( I felt that I needed time to spend with just one on one time with James)
10:30 snack
         *Thursdays leave for park day ( we meet a home school group for park day every Thursday)
11:00 James diaper change and nap time (hopefully!)
          Mason school work with Mama ( I am going to use this time to present new lessons and help with ones he needs help with, also do non Montessori work such as, Story of the World (history), Save the Bay class review, Song School Latin, Sign Language, writing work, art work, etc....)
12:30 James wakes up

Rest of the day to play outside, run errands, visit friends or what every we want to do!
This is the "Plan" anyway, we will see how it all works out.........

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