Saturday, July 2, 2011

2011 Summer Happenings!

Here are some of the fun things we have done in June!

Families Drum!
The Haven Family along with Jessie and her son joined us for an evening of drumming and makin smores. The kids had fun toasting giant marshmallows and looking for fire flies.

"Winslow Shire" Renaissance Fair

 James had fun chasing the wooden toy merchant with the dragon on a stick. They both loved learning how to spin an old fashioned top.

 James was thrilled to get the wooden bear up the string..a "gypsy" tried to buy him from me for some "gold" (corn)!
They got to help the weaver make fabric on the loom.

 Then there is the goats!
Don't ask I have no idea what that goat is doing? Ha Ha very funny!
"Berks Beach" Green Harbor
Marshfield, MA

This is "my" beach!  It is where I grew is where my dad grew up.  My grandparents owned a cottage here for 42 years! Now..(even without the cottage) I still get to make new memories with my kids at this beach.
Always a touch of Montessori in our life..notice dad (Papa), James and Mason "walking the line" on the beach for them to follow to the water so they can find their way back to our spot.

Yes baby bunnies!
So...we go to the local feed store to get chicken food right..
the lady who works there innocently holds up THIS bunny and said
"isn't she so sweet"...I melted! We went home and I could not think of anything else! I hoped all weekend that on Monday THAT bunny would still be there..and she was!
Of course we had to get one for each boy!
 The plan is to build a 12x12 pen made of pallets, so the boys can walk into it, sit with them, brush, feed, water & play with them.  (this post to come)

 Capron Park Zoo, Attleboro, MA

I had the joy and privilege of taking 4 of the finest young children to the zoo the other day!  We had tons of FUN.  I printed an animal bingo game from the website, and stapled a strip of stickers to it.  each child got one.  They had a blast searching for the animals and placing a sticker on the picture!
These zoo helpers were carrying around the fur of a real cheetah that died of old age.  We got to touch it and take a close look.


Funny pictures!
There are allot more pics, I just picked out the best ones, and choose not to post all the pics of the animals.

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