Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Tiny Tots with thier eyes all a glow"

This time of year is filled with the hussle and bustle, sales and deals, traffic and parking spots, dwindling bank accounts and time...Not to mention pick a tree, decorate it, water it, bake, wrap, send cards, party's, ect....
it is easy to forget what it must be like to be Christmas time at 4 yrs (or 1 yr)! Amongst all that goes on during our busy lives in December are the small people (the children) standing at our legs watching us closely as we "hussle & bustle", having no thought of stress or worry.
Here are a few snip-its of my children's Christmas experience (very different from the adult one)....
M-"OOOHHHH Christmas lights Mama, to your left! PPRRREEETTTYYY!"

M-"I am going to ask Santa for a marble run. And a truck for James"

J-Completely dazzled by the first snow! Just standing there watching it as it gently floats from the sky.

M-"Mama..Shhhh...there is a Tuffted Tit Mouse on the feeder on the window..shhhhh..."
J-"tweet tweet"

M-"Santa needs to have 3 choc. brownie cookies,milk and we have to leave 9 carrots, one for each reindeer.

M-"Do you think Santa will think our tree is sooo beautiful?"

J- Fascinated by how the wrapping paper tears into strips.

M-" How do the men get the tree on top of the car? Do we have to bring their rope back?"

J-"Having a great time poking all the ornaments on the tree"!

M & J- Thoughtfully picking out Toys for Tots for a 5yr old boy & a 1 Yr old boy!

M- "I think I will give Guy one of my Thomas the tank engines since I have 2 and he might not have one yet."

M&J- Enchanted by the Enchanted Village, especially the snow!

M-"I think I see Rudolph's red nose over there...Nope just a tower light, I am going to keep looking, Mama you look out your window in case he is over your side. (the whole ride home on Christmas Eve from Marshfield!)

M & J- with their eyes all a glow as we walk (James ran) threw the very decorated and light up Taunton Green! So Precious!

I got everything I could ever ask for this Christmas just taking the time to STOP and watch my boys filled with true Spirit of the Season!
Very Merry Christmas to you All!


  1. Aren't kids great!? I found the same. Experiencing seasonal events through Cody's eyes make them magical! One of my favourite is Easter. Looking forward to reading more of your bogs!

  2. thanks Kiwi, I am looking forward to having more time to blog!!!